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Yeast Assassin, 90 Vcaps

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A healthy body is impossible with an unhealthy gastrointestinal tract.  Maintaining gastrointestinal tract health requires so much more than just a good diet.  Helpful bacteria must be present, our diet must be well balanced and our immune system must be responsive.  Yeast Assassin is a unique product that has been carefully formulated to rid the body of an overgrowth of candida albicans (yeast), a single-celled fungus that takes up residence in our digestive tract and reproduces rapidly.

Excessive levels of this fungus suppress the immune system, leaving the body vulnerable to opportunistic agents.  This fungus also interferes with natural hormone production, suppressing the production of some and stimulating the production of others, sometimes throwing the body into complete chaos.

Antibiotics are often responsible for allowing yeast to get a foothold.  In addition to killing off the bug that may be bothering us, they also kill off the good bacteria in the digestive tract that normally suppress the production of C. albicans.  Large amounts of natural or artificial sweeteners in the diet fuel the yeast, allowing exponential reproduction.

Excess yeast can cause all sorts of problems including digestive and gastrointestinal disorders, rashes, fungal outbreaks and infections and of course the dreaded "yeast infection." In addition, the body is much more vulnerable to any number of other ills.  In our experience, dealing with fungal problems on a systemic level is faster and much more effective than dealing with them topically.

Yeast Assassin™ should not be taken by children or by those pregnant or nursing and should be used in conjunction with probiotics to promote new growth of helpful bacteria in the proper balance. 

Pregnant or nursing mothers will be glad to know that Beeyoutiful's Yeast Assassin Lite is available.  It is made of caprylic acid without the potentially harmful-in-pregnancy extra ingredients found in regular Yeast Assassin.

Tummy Tuneup is a great probiotic containing 8 of the helpful bacteria naturally residing in the digestive tract and can also be used alone to combat yeast in children and those pregnant and nursing.   

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Manufactured in the USA.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.