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SuperMom 2 Bee


Excellent nutrition during pregnancy isn't simply a good idea; it's crucial to prepare your body prior to and support your body during the vital work of growing an entire new life.  Supermom 2 Bee™ is the premium prenatal choice available for mothers-to-be and has been designed to address unique health situations. 

Supermom 2 Bee™ has been carefully blended from whole foods suspended in a liquid base to offer the most optimized, bioavailable and easily absorbable prenatal nutrition possible.  With gag reflexes at all-time highs for many women during pregnancy, Supermom 2 Bee's liquid form is not only also easier to get down than tablets or capsules, but very gentle on the digestion.  Supermom 2 Bee™ has a sweet, fruity flavor initially that makes it easy to take, with strong mineral and vitamin concentrated taste left in the mouth after swallowing.  It is a delicious addition to smoothies and can also be mixed into fruit drinks for those who may be struggling with aversions due to heightened sense of taste and smell. 

In addition to concentrated whole food nutrition, Supermom 2 Bee™ was also carefully crafted to include the most bioavailable forms of key vitamins and minerals with an emphasis on making it as easy on the body as possible to utilize.  Supermom 2 Bee™ includes Folate, Vitamin D3, the methylated form of B12, and a whole food form of iron.

Along with a nutrient dense diet, taking Supermom 2 Bee™ prior to conception can help build maternal reserves and prepare the body for the added demands of months spent growing another life. This unique, gentle, and optimized nutrient support is also a great choice to use while breastfeeding. The more nutrients a mama's body has, the more nourished are the little ones she's growing and feeding! 

Supermom 2 Bee™ was created to be as optimized and supportive as possible for many unique health challenges and underlying conditions. Please have your care provider review the ingredients to see if Supermom 2 Bee™ is the right choice for your personal health situation. 

Manufactured in the USA.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.