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SuperMom Multivitamin

Beeyoutiful's SuperMom is a high-Potency multivitamin with spirulina and green superfoods.

When you take the recommended 2 tablets or 4 capsules each day, you take in a powerhouse of energy to keep you well during the stresses of teen growth spurts, pregnancy, lactation, mothering, and aging.

SuperMom® builds oxygen-rich blood to keep you energized by supplying iron from amino acid chelate, the easiest form of iron for the body to absorb. Additional blood enrichment comes from chlorophyll -- present as a stand-alone ingredient and also as part of superfoods like spirulina and chlorella, as well as barley grass and alfalfa juice.

One SuperMom® user suffered from anemia for 5 years and was not helped by regular iron supplements. She almost ruined her teeth from crunching ice (a common craving caused by anemia). But after a month's worth of SuperMom®, her ice eating stopped and so did the fatigue and chills associated with anemia.  This same middle-aged mom was so nutritionally depleted she couldn't cope with the stresses of her large family and busy life. To keep from crying constantly, she had turned reluctantly to a prescription anti-depressant with unpleasant side effects like sleeplessness, but once SuperMom® kicked in, she weaned herself from the prescription drug and manages quite happily now.

Many use SuperMom® as a prenatal, and just supplement with some additional folic acid.

Teens also can benefit from SuperMom®, especially since they don't always eat properly and may often associate with friends not educated about healthy eating habits.  One 16-year-old girl mystified her doctor because her long, thick blond hair was falling out in handfuls.  Medical tests failed to show any obvious problems, so the doctor had no solution to recommend.  After trying SuperMom® for a few weeks, though, hundreds of tiny hairs started to re-grow, and now -- a faithful consumer of SuperMom® -- she again has a headful of thick hair.

Get SuperMom® for yourself and all the growing young ladies in your household.  Give it as a gift to expectant and new moms -- it will help them much more than yet another cute, infant outfit!  And don’t forget mother and grandmother!  SuperMom® will help their nutritional needs as well. "SuperMom®" is the answer to most feminine nutrition questions.

FAQ:  What's the difference between Tablets and VCaps?

Tablets are big and green, and some women find them hard to swallow.  VCaps are also big, they're a little smaller and a little smoother, and some women find them much easier to swallow.  Nutritional content in 4 VCaps is the same as that in 2 Tablets.  VCaps are not compressed and the powder is loose, so the dosage is 4 per day.  Tablet dosage is 2 per day.   VCaps come in bottles of 240, a 2-month supply.  Tablets come in bottles of 180, a 3-month supply.  VCaps are less expensive per bottle, but Tablets are less expensive per month.

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