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Red Raspberry Leaves, 100 VCaps


For centuries, midwives have recommended red raspberry leaf tea to strengthen pelvic and uterine muscles. It's their secret for making labor and delivery more efficient and less stressful.  Now, Beeyoutiful's Red Raspberry Leaves offers all the same benefits in convenient capsules to help you feel better throughout pregnancy. And it's the only capsule form of red raspberry leaf we know of that's formulated entirely from organic components.  Red raspberry leaf is known to tone the uterus, provide an easy-to-assimilate form of calcium, improve the productivity of labor contractions, decrease anxiety and nervousness, enhance sleep, and reduce constipation.

The effectiveness of the red raspberry leaf is not limited to women who are pregnant or delivering babies.  It is also great for young girls who need calcium and hormone support as their bodies change rapidly, or women who have hormone imbalances, especially during menopause and after.  And at any stage, it can be used for improving the tone of the reproductive system, to support normal hormone levels or just as a good source for bio-available calcium.  The natural calcium content makes Red Raspberry Leaves a valuable supplement for all women who want to combat osteoporosis.

There is no known overuse of Red Raspberry Leaves, and a healthful program includes taking at least four capsules every day.  If difficulty sleeping is one of your problems, using more capsules later in the day may help.

Important: While most obstetric health professionals agree red raspberry leaf is beneficial in all stages of pregnancy -- some even believe it reduces the likelihood of miscarriage -- it is best to consult your own midwife, herbalist, physician, or other health professional before using Red Raspberry Leaves if you're pregnant or nursing.

Manufactured in the USA.

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