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Odorless Garlic, 250 Softgels


Garlic is commonly used for flus, respiratory viral infections, and sinus infections. Garlic has also been found to contain important constituents for heart and cardiovascular support, as well as for lowering blood pressure.

Although there is no garlic supplement that can take the place of freshly crushed garlic, there are times when the odor and the inconvenience are less than optimal.  For those times, we suggest Odorless Garlic, which is simply a high-potency aged garlic extract.  Beeyoutiful's Odorless Garlic is concentrated 100:1 to maximize scordinin, a bio-active component in garlic thought to be central to its immune-building properties.

Softgels are easy to swallow.  For those who have trouble swallowing pills, the softgels can be chewed.  The garlic taste is very mild and not at all unpleasant, even for small children.  It truly is odorless, too--no bad breath! 

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