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Vitamin K2 + D3, 120 VCaps

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Vitamin K2 + D3 is a convenient capsule that combines the key nutrients of Vitamin K2 with Vitamin D3. These two nutrients are especially beneficial to the dental, cardiovascular, skeletal and nervous systems, as well as impacting the immune system.

Health Benefits of Vitamin K:

Dental Health: Vitamin K is prevalent in saliva and the salivary glands. Studies have shown that those with saliva that was sufficient in Vitamin K also had very low incidents of dental caries (cavities). Vitamin K may help to decrease the bacterial count within the mouth, helping to eliminate the risk for caries and other dental problems.

Bone Health: In several studies done outside the US, there have been reports that Vitamin K reduces the incidents of fractures in the elderly and helps to reverse bone loss. It is widely known that Vitamin D and A are useful in helping keep bones healthy. A protein called osteocalcin is only produced if both Vitamins A and D are present, and can only be activated in the presence of Vitamin K2. Osteocalcin is responsible for organizing the deposit of both calcium and phosphorus, both vital for healthy bones.

Brain Health: Vitamin K2 has a very crucial role in the nervous system in production of sulfatides, a lack of which can cause significant neural symptoms. This is especially seen in patients that suffer from seizures or Alzheimer's Disease. Those treated with Vitamin K2 often saw either dramatic improvement of symptoms or elimination of the symptoms altogether. Fatigue and learning difficulties can often be remedied with a consistent supplement of Vitamin K2.

The Importance of Vitamin D3:

Vitamin D does wonders in the body. Most know that it plays a key role in regulating calcium in the body, promoting absorption which helps bone mineralization to occur. Vitamin D doesn't stop there, however. When the body is getting enough D to go around, it is used liberally by many cells that are able to make calcitriol in combination with A and K2. 

Last, but certainly not least, Vitamin D3 is an immense contributor in regulating the immune system and helping to stave off contagious "bugs" of all sorts. 

Manufactured in the USA.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Note: This product is often purchased as a replacement for Beeyoutiful's Katalyst which has been discontinued. 

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