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Essential Oil: Dreamland Awaits, 10 mL rollerball

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Beeyoutiful®'s Dreamland Awaits™ is a soothing and calming blend of essential oils that's been carefully formulated by a pair of moms who have struggled with sub-optimal sleep patterns.. 

Ingredients include:

Valerian Essential Oil:  ​One of the most effective essential oils in supporting sleep.  Since Medieval times, Valerian has been used to help calm and soothe, and now that power is harnessed in the essential oil.

Catnip Essential Oil: ​ With nervine and sedative properties, Catnip is rumored to help counter insomnia and nervousness.

Chamomile Essential Oil: ​ It's so famous for gently promoting relaxation and rest that there are very few natural sleep supports that do not include Chamomile in some form!

Clary Sage Essential Oil:  ​This oil provides a calming effect and has been used to support those under chronic stress or high anxiety.
Lavender Essential Oil: ​ Studies have shown evidence of Lavender's effects on sleep, helping to increase both quality and quantity.  Lavender also has a healthy impact on nerves and can be used as a tonic to help relieve anxiety or fear.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil: ​ With nervine and sedative properties, Ylang Ylang supports the body as it achieves restful sleep.  Ylang Ylang's floral aroma also lends to the overall beauty of the blend.

Frankincense Essential Oil:  ​A centering oil, helping to restore balance, Frankincense is reported to help calm the nervous person.

Sandalwood Essential Oil: ​ Encourages deep and sound sleep while helping to alleviate fear and nervousness.

Bergamot Essential Oil:  ​Known as a mood stabilizer, Bergamot can be uplifting and calming at the same time.  It can help to move the person into deeper rest by calming anxiety.

Myrrh Essential Oil:  ​Its musky and smoky undertones lend themselves to the scent of the blend.  Myrrh is often used as a tonic to support overall health which allows the body to naturally achieve good rest.

Rosewood Essential Oil:  ​Its pleasant aroma helps to soothe and calm a tired and stressed mind.
Patchouli Essential Oil: ​ Sedative properties make Patchouli a great option that encourages and promotes healthy sleep patterns.

Rosalina Essential Oil: ​ A relaxing oil that helps to calm and soothe a restless body, promoting good sleep.

Geranium Essential Oil: ​ A general mood stabilizer that can help to decrease anxiety and promote rest.

Important Notes:  This is a pre-diluted essential oil blend with 3% essential oil content to 97% carrier oil, using oils that are generally considered kid-friendly for children 5 years and older.  A Certified Aromatherapist should be consulted for specific suggestions on whether this blend is appropriate for individual children and situations on a case by case basis. 

Please check for potential reaction to any of the ingredients in this blend by applying it to a very small area of each individual; observe for several hours for possible redness, itching, or irritation to appear.  After sensitivity has been checked, apply as often as needed. 

If using on a child between the ages of 2-5, we suggest further dilution to avoid sensitization and reaction risks.  Please do not use with children 2 and under without the express instruction of a Certified Aromatherapist.  Please consult appropriate care providers for a treatment plan if your child is exhibiting signs and symptoms of illness.  Dreamland Awaits is NOT intended for oral consumption.  Keep out of reach of children.  Do not apply on or near the eyes, nose, or mouth. 

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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